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Client: Technology Supplies Ltd.

Year: 2016

Technology Supplies have built an enviable reputation over the past 30 years for supplying quality and affordable products to schools and colleges across the UK and abroad, backed up by outstanding customer service and technical/after sales support.

Rethink worked closely with Technology Supplies to deliver a new brand identity for maintaining a consistent look and feel across every aspect of the business. New Brand elements included Stationery, Folder, Brochure and Brand Book.


Rethink designed and printed a 6 page die-cut folder to hold a branded USB stick, 24 page brochure and additional documents that could be handed out to prospective customers. The aim was to produce a compact presentation that would provide a showcase for the TSL brand.


We created a brochure detailing TSL services and highlighting key areas and unique selling points of the business. The brochure broke the company services into 4 key categories: installation, maintenance, supplies and support.

Brand Book

Rethink conducted a workshop with the TSL marketing team, exploring a core of brand and other drivers necessary to develop a new 'brand wheel'. We created a detailed brand guideline that identified use of imagery, logos, colours, typography, graphics and other brand elements. These guidelines are used to govern the production and use of all marketing collateral and a checklist ensures that brand guidelines are followed for internal communications.

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