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'MyKeys' New Business Campaign

Client: Rethink

Year: 2017

We produced our 'MyKeys' campaign pack for mailing to over 300 influential (UK based) Marketing Directors within large multinational organisations, including Retail, Food & Beverage, Charity, Travel and Education sectors.

The pack contents and customer experience needed to demonstrate a cleverly constructed, eye-catching and engaging introduction to Rethink's Cross Channel marketing service. Included was a mix of printed material (including variable digital print), branded merchandise and a digital call-to-action that connected the recipient to on-line channels for registering and maintaining their unique 'MyKeys' page. Our objective with this campaign was to illustrate the value and effectiveness of combining both on-line and off-line channels, peaking the recipient's interest in our Cross Channel approach to customer engagement and the unique capabilities of Rethink's advanced marketing automation platform.

Mindful that our target audience are professional heads of Marketing, we produced 'The Little Book of BIG Marketing Facts' packed full of consumer trends and insight across a variety of marketing channels. We felt certain that this would prove a useful and informative guide for the recipient, as well as introducing them to Rethink's expertise in these areas.

We included a mini brochure in the pack which shared much of the same content and imagery as our website. The brochure 'bares all' with the Why, How and What of the Rethink brand, an understanding that is key to the development of any well performing business. We also introduced the use of printed acetate (opaque white and magenta ink) to very cool effect, a further reminder that "we're thinking differently".

The branded keyring has been done time and time again, but what about one that was personalised with your full name, included a link to a unique web page (PURL) for registering contact details that could be used in the unfortunate event you lost your keys? This valuable service provided the perfect platform for capturing and maintaining prospect/customer data as well as demonstrating our advanced marketing automation capabilities and advocating brand loyalty.


  1. The recipient registers their preferred contact details via a unique webpage link that is printed on the personalised keyring, or by scanning the printed QR code.
  2. The recipient attaches the keyring to their keys or other valuable item, such as a briefcase or luggage.
  3. In the event of losing their keys (or other item) – someone finds the lost keys.
  4. The finder uses the unique link shown on the keyring to submit their preferred contact details.
  5. Rethink's automated service sends the finder's details to the keyring owner, subject to their communications preference (Email and/or SMS).
  6. The keyring owner arranges collection of their item with the finder.
  7. Happy customer! :-)

A second QR code on the front of the marketing pack sleeve was used by our production team to flag when packs had been dispatched, which in turn triggered the automated scheduling of two variable emails. The first email included unique content based on the message "It's time to register your personal keyring", this was sent as a reminder for marketing pack recipients that had not yet registered their keyring. The second email included unique content based on the message "thanks for registering, here's a couple of important reminders". This email introduced the recipient to their account login procedure, allowing them to update their contact details at any time and thereby future proofing our 'MyKeys' lost & found keys service.

Last but not least, we couldn't resist sending this pack without including our very own Rethink branded pen, something that would remain front of mind (or hand) for months to come. After all, who doesn't love a free pen?

In order to tie everything together into one compact, elegant presentation, we produced a personalised packing box and sleeve with compartments for the wire bound book, company brochure, keyring and pen. Inside the box was a personalised sticker printed with a variable QR code and PURL that could be used to instantly access the recipient's unique keyring registration page.

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