Rethink rethink2017 Cross Channel Marketing

Can Change
its Spots

Arguably the most 'stand out' channel of all, print is a key resource for truly effective marketing.

We manufacture variability as unique to the printed page as any digital only media; personalisation that is far beyond the capability of traditional 'ink on paper'. Whether stand alone or included as part of a Cross Channel marketing campaign, printed promotions have significant benefits.

FACT - Clients who include printed mail in their Cross Channel communications achieve market share growth with around 3 times more efficiency than those who don't.

We use the same technology that powers our complex digital campaigns to integrate and automate the creation and delivery of 'intelligent print'. Eye-catching and rewarding printed promotions create a relationship between brand and consumer, which validates your intentions and encourages them to purchase.

Rethink also offer a Web-to-Print facility 'Your uStore' that enables clients to manage their general print and promotional purchasing through purpose built, on-line store fronts. We guarantee that 'Your uStore' will reduce administrative expense and lower the costs associated with print orders.

Adding print to the potion for Scott Graphics